The Equalizer 2 | Denzel’s deadly vigilante is back

Equalizer 2 The

Denzel Washington’s freelance righter of wrongs returns to mete out violent retribution on another bunch of evildoers in this superior sequel to the 2014 action thriller (itself an update of the 1980s Edward Woodward TV series).

Seemingly a book-loving, widowed loner, Washington’s Robert McCall is actually a former black ops agent with a lethal set of skills. And it isn’t long before he is brushing off his commando savvy to give assorted bad guys a good pummelling.

Everything builds to a ferocious showdown in a deserted Massachusetts beachside town in the midst of a hurricane. But it is Washington’s super- cool charisma that makes the film so compelling. Yes, the plot is very much B-movie fare, but the star brings his A-game.


Certificate 15. Runtime 121 mins. Director Antoine Fuqua
The Equalizer 2 available on Blu-ray, DVD & Digital from Sony Pictures.

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